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About my background

I never forget the chilly morning of July of 2003. My Lapphund had fallen into a concrete well and was struggling in the water. I watched anguished on the well's edge many meters above as she tried to stay afloat in a meter diameter well. I went a panic and acted on a whim. I tried to help my beloved dog, but I fell also myself into a chilly trap.


That morning is a clear turning point in my life. It was a normal morning before this fatal event. I had work pressures and schedules in my mind. Actually work filled almost my whole life. This had been the case since 1997, after graduating from School of Art and Communication as a film editor. It seemed impossible to refuse of work when there were bills to pay. Debt keeps us in motion, doesn't it.


The first feeling was disbelief. I was pinching myself and repeating that this cannot happen to me. I thought I was dreaming. A rational person doesn't drop into a well, I thought. Then came the hysteria. I realized that none of my loved ones would miss us for hours. I laughed and cried in turn. I was confused for some moments. I screamed for help, but my voice only spun as a cacophony on the concrete walls of the well. I was angry with myself because I had also made myself a victim through my ill-considered actions. In some point I drew my attention to my frightened dog, who had jumped on my shoulders and was standing there while I was in the water. I kept us on the surface, taking support from the wall with my feet and body. I began to calm my shaking dog and while I was doing it I calmed myself also. I looked up to the sky and saw the treetops high up.


Is this the end, I thought. My life seemed meaningless and I thought how much I would still wanted to do. Eventually, I accepted my situation and my mind was calm. We're going up now, I told my dog. No matter what, we'll go up. Then I started a wall climbing that I never thought I could do. With the wet dog on my shoulders, I climbed out of the worst place in my life. When we were safely back on the surface of the earth, the sounds disappeared and the world went black.


Nowadays I am grateful for this experience even though it is my life's worst nightmare. Because of it, I found out what kind of force we have within us. I also started to see things differently, as I interested in alternative treatments, organic food and animal rights. I internalized the idea that we are one.


As my worldview changed, the intuitive need to take care of myself began to guide me. For this reason, I have attended numerous courses and trainings: Homeopathy, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Kinesiology, Ayurveda, Crystal Acupuncture. In the fall of 2012, I attended a QHHT course run by Dolores Cannon in Finland and the following year I continued with her teaching in Level 2 in England. In 2016, I graduated as a Touch of Light nurse from the School of Light.


I never planned to be an energy healer some day, but my inner guidance has brought me here. I run group events, which are in Finnish but maybe in the future in English also. Let's see! 

Kuva: Birgitta Kulmala

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