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Miraculous forgiveness practice

I have written in my blog Words for Miracles about importance of forgiveness on the basis of my own experience. Through that experience, I learned concretely how powerful forgiveness is. And this is not about forgiveness in which a guilty apologises to an innocent (i.e. ego power play) but silent forgiveness in own mind. Life can become completely different when we begin to do an active forgiveness for the people, situations or things which trigger anger, anxiety, resentment, disappointment, or some other negative emotions in us. We can forgive everything, if we want. And usually we want, once we understand incredible effects of forgiveness. Quoting a Course in Miracles: "Would you rather be right or happy?"

Forgiveness happens in mind because it isn't appropriate to tell people to forgive them, and probably they aren't even interested of it. On the other hand, they often don't know at all they have insulted, or they may have already deceased. Nor can we consciously know what all forgivable things we also have in our subconscious mind because they are the unconscious. Reading (silently or out loud) or listening to the forgiveness practice daily, even while sleeping, slowly begins to release e.g. negative emotional ties and other ballast. One may even notice recovering from chronic illnesses. Why? Because words have power and these words encode a new kind of message to the subconscious. They help relieve bitterness, anger and doubts, which can free us see life and opportunities in a completely different way. One knows the power of forgiveness only by practicing it.

There are many kinds of practices and mantras for helping on the path of forgiveness, and one can always do own version. I want to share this one as I and many others have been tremendously helped by it. It is based on Finnish first Reiki teacher Aila Norlamo's (1922-2000) forgiveness practice. It's a good base to start with, and one can always edit the text to fit into own mouth. 

Forgiveness practice
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I forgive everything and everyone who has sometimes opposed me. To anyone who has made me unhappy or angry with their behavior, I forgive.

I forgive everything outside of me and everything inside of me. I forgive everything past, present and future.


I forgive anyone whose name evokes feelings of bitterness or hostility in me, and anyone who evokes anxiety in my mind, I forgive.

I forgive others for whatever they have done to me. I also forgive what they have done to others.

Above all, I forgive myself. Nobody set a hard destiny for me - not God, nor others. I do it myself.

I have come to earth to learn to forgive, for my own sake. Forgiveness is powerful. It can heal and unify. Forgiveness is development. It can make me feel light and remove all the blockages between my lower self and my higher self. It gives room to my true self.

Here’s a little bit longer Forgiveness drumming that also include mere drumming. A talk is in Finnish but the intention of the practice is the most important: forgive everything for everyone. Also for yourself. Please sit comfortably either lying or sitting down during this meditation, and prefer use the headset. Just be and observe what happens in you, what you become aware of. By forgiving daily you may notice positive changes in your life even quickly. I would be grateful if you could email me about your experiences 🙏❤

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You can also do an imaginary exercise for forgive and letting go:

Imagine standing on a high cliff and looking at your feet.

They are right on the edge of the cliff, where from opens up an eternal falloff.

You stand calm and brave. This is the moment you have been waiting for.

And now the time has come.

You know it on every cell in your body. Finally! You close your eyes.

You feel the wind on your face and inhale.

You say out loud, "I forgive."

Then you spread your arms like wings on your sides and

as you fall into the void you say: "I've let go."

Here is a heart meditation in Finnish.

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